About ME

Caroline Sandiford

I am a professional estate planner, here to support you through the legal process.

Legal practice is varied and I have chosen to specialise in the areas of : Wills & Legacy Planning, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney and Business Protection and Continuity.

What that means for my clients is that my specialist knowledge of both legislation and the law in these areas means I can advise and recommended on the most prudent and relevant planning to give complete peace of mind.

So many people desire to protect for their family their hard earned assets. So many companies desire for continuity.

Born, bred, educated and based in BURY in beautiful Lancashire and able to cover the whole of the NORTH WEST and further if required, please contact me to arrange a no obligation appointment.
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What Make me Different

In this video, I explain what my qualifications are and why you should opt to work with an estate planning professional over a traditional Will Writer.

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